River Ranch Oregon Olive Oil

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River Ranch Oregon Olive Oil

A New Generation of Oregon Olive Oil

We Sell Olive Oil Grown In Oregon! 

     River Ranch is nestled along the banks of the North Umpqua River in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range in Western Oregon.  This Pacific Northwest property is surrounded by a diverse mix of Douglas Fir, Pine, and Cedar seedlings, along with mature Fir and Red Madrone. The property is adorned with an architecturally stunning custom home with the  Scenic Umpqua River a stone's throw away, with a caretaker's residence and ranch office.  A bountiful fruit orchard provides apples and pears, fresh fruit and scrumptious berries, which are processed into a gourmet, treat of River Ranch jams. 

     The beginning of a new venture started at River Ranch in the summer of 2010.  Over 7,000 olive trees were planted with the dream of growing, milling and bottling our own blend of fresh and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Cold tolerant varieties were chosen because of their superb olive oil attributes and exceptional flavor.  The trees are irrigated from the crystal clear waters of Britt Creek, which meanders through the property leaving behind sparkling clear ponds and cascading waterfalls.

     The first harvest began on a chilly morning in December of 2012. Olives were carefully handpicked.  The olives were immediately taken to a local mill where they were processed.  The results were amazing and comments by taste testers included the statement the "River Ranch Oregon Olive Oil has set the benchmark for Oregon Oil".  The oil tasted rich and buttery with lingering pungency; a perfect accompaniment to any meal.

     Future plans for River Ranch include milling our own olives and developing a bottling facility where the handpicked olives will be processed into a fresh, superior extra virgin olive oil on site. We believe that our blend of varieties, Mediterranean-like microclimate, and special care results in a much sought after extra virgin olive oil worthy of the most discerning palates.

Umpqua Valley's River Ranch